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CD Debo

Aceste CDuri nu imi apartin.

Asa se intampla cand primesti niste CDuri cu muzica care iti plac. Candva uiti sa le d-ai inapoi. Deci probabil  ca proprietarul imi va rupe gatul pentru asta. CDurile le-am primit acum 3-4 ani si azi le-am gasit si am inceput sa le ascult din nou.

Daca tot le-am gasit, Debo, hai sa fac lista cu melodiile de pe ele.


1.Kids In The Way – Fiction 
2.As I Lay Dying – Confined 
3.Static-X – The Only
4. Silverstein – My Heroine
 5.Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
6.Atreyu – The Crimson
7.Bless The Fall – Higinia
8.Track 8
9.Bullet for My Valentine – Suffocating under the Words of sorrow
10.Bullet For My Valentine- All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)
11.Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall 
12.Track 12
13.P.O.D.- Whatever It takes
14.Papa Roach – Last Resort 
15.Rooster – Come Get Some
16.Senses Fail – Bite to Break Skin
17.Sentenced – Killing Me Killing You 
18.Sick Puppies – My World
19.Sick Puppies – Pitiful
20.Slipknot – Vermilion Part 2
21. Gamma – Siasia

Piesa 8 si 12 nu le cunosc deloc, iar nici cu Shazam nu le-am gasit.


1.Chasing Victory – Chemicals
2.Chasing Victory – Wolves
3.Chasing Victory – Fiends
4.Chasing Victory – Queens
5.Chasing Victory – Carnies
6.Chasing Victory – Janus
7.Chasing Victory – Zombies
8.Chasing Victory – Brides
9.Chasing Victory – Kings
10.Chasing Victory – Barbarians
11.Kingston Falls – The Infection to Quarantine
12.Kingston Falls – Brutality and the Beast
13.Kingston Falls – We’ll Let The Dice Decide
14.Kingston Falls – Botulism
15.Kingston Falls – The Weak Shall Prevail
16.Kingston Falls – Lieutenant Never
17.Kingston Falls – Beauty and the Sentiment
18.Kingston Falls – Biplomacy, Day 8
19.Kingston Falls – Alibi: Destroyed
20.Kingston Falls – This is Ghost Town


1.Haste the Day – American Love
2.Haste the Day – Blue
3.Haste the Day – Breaking my own heart
4.Haste the Day – One life to lie
5.Haste the Day – Ros King
6.Haste the Day – Sonf of Faith
7.Haste the Day – Substance
8.Haste the Day – Closest thing to Closure
9.Haste the Day – The last Goodbye
10.Emery – Walls
11.Emery – Ponytail Parades
12.Emery – Disguising Mistakes
13.Emery – By all Accounts
14.Emery – Fractions
15.Emery – Intro Untitled
16.Emery – Bloodless
17.Emery – Under Serious Attack
18.Emery – Voice Fades
19.Emery – The Secret